Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21/2014: Burlington, IA

So this town was one that reminds you of what a privilege it is to see live theatre in some areas.  Burlington is a very small town from what I got to see of it - which technically wasn't much.  But everyone there seemed incredibly happy to see us and have us in their town.  The venue surprised us with a catered meal when we arrived - which is always appreciated.  And the crowd seemed to really enjoy the show.

The venue itself was a little more like a high school gym than an actual theatre - and probably the smallest place that we've played.  So there were a lot of changes to be made to the show on the fly - and we lost about 5 feet of stage which meant that the dance numbers were a little more snug than usual.  If nothing else, it meant that we were more alert and on our toes - which always makes the show a little more fun.

We stayed at the Pzazz Casino Resort and Spa - which included a bowling alley attached to it.  The manager was awesome and stayed open for us so we'd have something to do to unwind after the show. There was much bowling, laughter, drinks and pizza to be had.  And its always fun to hang out with the Family in a no-show setting.