Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1/22/2013: Mason City, IA

Damn its cold here!

And for me to say that -- that's a lot of cold! (lol)

On our way to Mason City we stopped in Cedar Falls for lunch - and went to this little dinner that is known for their lose-meat sandwiches.  Its an IA/midwest fare that I've never actually had before (only heard about it on the old Roseanne sitcom).  Its kinda like a sloppy joe - but better…we also came across this great cupcake place.  They had an ENORMOUS selection of gourmet cupcakes and were selling them for $2!!  I probably would have paid $6 a cupcake in NYC…at least.  And boy were they good….Cherries Jubilee and Tarimisu…awesomeness...

We arrived in Mason City and headed to the theatre, where our stage manager, Suzanne, greeted us in a Parka.  The theatre itself was freezing - which actually made for a very delightful show for me.  I didn't' sweat and I could leave my Fester coat on the entire show.  Though I doubt my request that all of our theaters be kept at 25 degrees will be taken into consideration…

After the show, I met up with my Aunt Debbie - who I haven't seen since I was touring with Curious George about 5 years ago, my cousins Patrick and Kelli - who I haven't seen since I was about 7 years old, and Kelli's 2 daughters - who I've never met.  We headed over to Denny's (which was actually one town over) and chatted for a bit.  It was nice to talk with them - especially since I hadn't seen Patrick or Kelli (aside from Facebook) in over 20 years…  Thats one of the cool things about traveling around the country - your bound to come into contact with friends and family who you've lost touch with - because you are literally going EVERYWHERE there is to go… The girls were absolutely adorable and had made me some drawings.  A very nice evening.

On our way out of the restaurant and back to the hotel, the already freezing temperature (it was about -9 when we got there…) had dropped to -25 with a windchill of about -50….thats cold.  Kelli accidentally touched the metal of the outside door to the Denny's and it actually burnt her hand it was so freezing.  

I certainly hope it warms up a bit...