Sunday, December 1, 2013

11/28/2013-12/1/2013: Reno, NV

Our time in Reno started out with Thanksgiving.  I have to say that as Thanksgivings on the road go - this was a really nice one.

Several of the cast had signed up for a Turkey Trot to do in the early morning.  I had thought about it but then decided that I didn't need to pay someone $40 so I could run/walk 2 miles in the cold.  But they had a good time.  When the parade started, our company manager Deb, invited everyone who wanted to join up to her room for some light breakfast and Mimosas - which was perfect.  Next we all bussed over to Squaw Valley for the rest of the day.  If you've not been - Squaw Valley is a little ski resort area up in the mountains right on the NV/CA border.  It was very pretty and relaxing up there - and the diner buffet they set out was great.  After diner we had our final Secret Moses reveal - which was also a lot of fun as not many were able to guess their person right off the bat.  Then we broke out into some spontaneous caroling that lasted from the restaurant, down the side of the mountain to the fire pit in the main resort area.  Other diners joined in and we even getting 'requests' from some of the people staying at the resort.  It was a great night of togetherness.

Reno itself was like a smaller and sadder Vegas - which is funny since I think Reno developed first.  I walked around the Casino areas a bit - but unless you were gambling, there really wasn't much to see.  I did have diner one night at a place called Pho Country - which had some awesome Vietnamese food.  Definitely one to look for if your in downtown Reno.

Show-wise, all went well.  The theatre we were in was in this building that almost looked like an army bunker -and you had to descend underground to get to backstage -but once you were inside it was pretty cool.  The audiences were great - as were the locals.  And we were able to put up a real wall-tag here.  Our first in a while.  In fact, our first since Darcy (our former props person) left the show - so we had to elect a new tagger, which ended up being Galloway.  I think he did a great job too.

All in all - Reno was a nice stop - lots of shows so not much time to rest - but a great place to have Thanksgiving.  And I think the company left not having lost too much money either...