Thursday, December 12, 2013

12/9/2013-12/11/2013: Santa Barbara/Carpinteria

The last golden day of the year.  While most of the cast were spending it on the beach - which I am not the biggest fan of actually… I was busily working all day on my Christmas Vlog (lol).  But I have to say that its nice to be done with all my filming for the year - and just have the show to worry about of these last few days.

We are playing Santa Barbara but staying in the little town of Carpinteria about 15 mins outside the city.  So of Santa Barbara - I saw very little other than the block that the theatre was on.  But it was a nice block.

Carpinteria is a beautiful, quiet little seaside California town though.  Very quaint - with a lot of little shops and restaurants around.  The walk over to the beaches is lovely - and the beaches (from a distance) looked very nice too - if thats your thing.  There really wasn't a lot going on while we were here though - just the shows to be honest.  And we're slowly getting our newbies into the full show - they should be 100% by the time our last show rolls around - which will be good since we're off for 3 weeks after that (lol).