Friday, March 15, 2013

3/12/13-3/14/13: Elmira, NY

So it's come at last - the day I knew would come at last has come at last.... (random Bye Bye Birdie quote)

I'm referring to my Birthday of course - Just turned 34 on a 16 hour bus ride from Elmira, NY to Lexington, KY.  And it actually went fairly well, as birthdays on the road go.  We rolled into Elmira on Tuesday and had a show (all our shows went smoothly here - and nothing much really happened other than my birthday so...). 

On Wednesday I planned part one of what I entitled my Birthday Fiasco (because A) I wanted to play a game of Fiasco for my birthday and B) My actual day was the travel day).  4 cast members and I played Fiasco - this one took place on a plane where, as all the passengers were being tested with an experimental drug that made you appear as if dead, the corpse of an actually dead baby accidentally made its way into the engines and started the plane of fire.  It was wonderfully deranged and a good time was had by all!

On Thursday I had planned part two which was to go to a Japanese/French fusion restaurant in Lexington around 9PM.  We were scheduled to get into town about 6 so that left plenty of time to get ready, etc.  Sadly, though, a real life fiasco hit (one of the stumbling blocks of tour life) and our bus broke down in Akron, OH - and by the time it was fixed and we were on our way, we had lost about 3 hours - making diner a no go.  But all was not lost - due to an amazingly stocked game store in the mall I seemed to make out like a bandit.  I added Call of Cthulhu the card game to my collection of traveling games - and was giving the Dunwhich Horror expansion for Arkham Horror, Stoner Fluxx and Cthulhu Gloom as well.  So we ended the night with a nice game of Arkham/Dunwhich Horror where we just beat Abhoth before he devoured first us then the world.  All in all not a bad day...

Birthday Tiramisu from PF Chang's