Monday, June 24, 2013

6/21/13-6/22/13: Galveston, TX

Our last stop (for a while) in TX - AND our last stop before Portland!!

Now our Galveston time was great.  We started off by taking a ferry from mainland TX to the island (thats right...Galveston is on a fricken island...who knew TX had islands...) which was a lot of fun.  We got to see some proposes swimming out by the boats along the way and brought along some bread to feed the billions of sea gulls that were hanging out around the tail end of the boat.  And they are excellent bread catchers - LOL!

The only downside to our stop was that our hotel was 20 miles from the theatre - in an area that didn't have any late night food options...but there was plenty in the area by the theatre.  Downtown Galveston is very cute - lots and lots of fun bars and restaurants (the Gumbo Bar is really good!).  And had a very 'vacation' feel to it.  We were playing the Grand 1894 Opera House - and they were a really fun place to play.  The theatre is very intimate (and well cooled lol) and the audiences seemed to be along the for the ride with us.  Some of the most appreciative crowds we've seem yet - and we've seen some awesome crowds.

There was also a really cool store just down the street from the theatre called The Witchery that I stepped into.  Lately, I've decided to up my spiritual exploration and started a course in First Degree Wiccan Education - its something that I've wanted to do for a while but the timing was never right.  Well, now that I've committed to it - I thought I'd stop in and see if they had any supplementary reading for me to pick up.  The course I'm taking is called Wicca Revealed through the Magicka Online school - an online school is really the only way for me to be able to take any kind of course seeing as I travel all the time...  And they list a number of texts in the course book both as further reading or just in a historically relevant sense so I kind of knew what I was looking for.  And I found almost every book mentioned in my first lesson here (lol).  I picked up The Witches Bible by Stewart and Jane Farrar so I could read up on the Gardenarian/Alexandrian traditions on the plane to Asia.  The lady running the counter was very nice as well - and excited to have an Addams in the shoppe (lol).  It wasn't until later that I realized that tonight was the night of the Supermoon and the beginning of Midsummer!  So things seem to be falling into alignment spiritually - which I'm happy about at the ending of this leg of the tour.

Speaking of which - we are leaving at 3AM to catch a flight (well 2) to Portland, so we can pretty much have Monday (since we get in at 10:30A) AND Tuesday off before we start our shows....and I can't wait!