Monday, January 13, 2014

1/10/2014-1/12/2014: Clearwater, FL


It was so incredible to be able to bring the show so close to home.  The outpouring of people who came out to see me from all of my past walks of life in the Tampa Bay area was amazing.  And the audiences we had were truly outstanding.  Seriously the 2 best ever.  I also felt like I gave my 2 best performances ever while home - which was nice (lol).  Seriously great.

But other than the show - I didn't do too much - as, you know, I live here.  So I wasn't up for sightseeing or going to the beach or anything like that.  Not a beach person anyway…

Brittany (my sister) came over to the hotel we were staying at in Clearwater on Friday night and played some board games with me and some of the cast - we played Agricola (a game that Nolan, our conductor, acquired for Christmas this year) and then Cards Against Humanity.  Was a nice night.

Next day were the shows - which as I said went very well.  I was allowed to give a backstage tour to the folks who came to see me after the first performance.  So that was a lot of fun to do.  Then the venue catered for us so I didn't have to go out hunting for food - and their catering department is spot on.  All I wanted to do was sleep after that - but that second show came up fairly quickly.  Not only were my friends and family at the 2nd show- but our producers came out to see the show start off again as well.  So after we finished, we had a little party thrown by Ruth Eckerd Hall to go to - then a producers' party out on the beach.  Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of the day (lol).

Sunday we had a true Golden Day - no travel and no show.  So Tammy came and picked me up so we could take Scarlett to the park and out to diner.  It was a very relaxing, fun day.  And now we're off (for real this time) for 5 weeks before I'm home again.  But thank you Tampa Bay for making the Addams feel so at home in my home!