Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1/28/2014: Aimes, IA

Another uneventful trip/show day here.  Seriously - your mind starts to blur on these one nighters and all the shows start to feel the same.

We got in a little early today from the drive though, which was very nice.  There was time to walk over to the little Mexican restaurant, La Azteca, for lunch.  And I was really glad that I did…the food was so good - real authentic Mexican - almost as good as when we were in El Paso if you can believe that..(In IA!).  Then there was time for a little nap back at the hotel.  That really made the difference in the show tonight.  Just having some real time off between getting off the bus and having to go to the theatre…its was so refreshing.  

After the show, our little TV club got together to catch up on the latest 2 episodes of American Horror Story: Coven - since the finale airs tomorrow night.  Its been so difficult to find a time to watch it lately that we'd gotten 2 weeks behind.  But I'm ready to find out who the next Supreme is now…

And the best part of the day is…10:30AM bus call!! Whoo Hoo - lately its been 6 or 7 AM calls - which were starting to kill me (lol)..sleep...