Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1/13/2014-1/15/2014: North Charleston, SC

It was nice to be back in the Charleston area again.  I've been through here several times with tours - most recently with Thomas and Friends Live at the theatre where we performed.  Charleston was also a favorite of my parents to come and visit on vacations - so, I've been to the sights many times and its always fun.

Our first day in I headed over to the Outlets right near the hotel - just to have a look around really.  My main goal of the day was to try and see Saving Mr. Banks at the movie theatre.  When I looked at the map - it showed that the theatre was right across the street from the Outlets, so I thought "Perfect."  I'll kill a little time at the mall and then just walk over.  Wah Wah.  It seems that there is a huge fence around the street that I needed to cross to reach the theatre.  So it took me almost 25/30 minutes to 'cross the street'.  I could literally stand in the theater parking lot and see the Outlets… but I still made it just in time (thank you previews).  I literally walked in the theatre and sat down as the actual film was starting…so tragedy averted (lol).  The movie itself was great - I've always been a big Emma Thompson fan.  I'm actually surprised that it was basically snubbed at the Oscars - but who cares…I loved it.

Day two had us call taking Bernice into downtown Charleston for about 4 hours.  We started by walking throughout the open air Market - where they have all the women weaving baskets and selling the Benny Crackers (Charleston snacks that remind me of sweet sesame crackers).  Then we headed to the Lowcountry Bistro for lunch.  Lucky for us it happened to be Restaurant Week - so they were offering apps and entrees for $15.  The she-crab soup (another Charleston staple) was divine.  Just awesome.  Then we just kinda wandered around the historic downtown area - saw The Dock Street Theatre (the oldest theatre in the country), the Slave Market, all the beautiful mansions down by the Battery and of course Rainbow Row.  Quite a fun, touristy day.

The shows here also went well.  Very receptive audiences.  And we were able to celebrate Chloe's birthday with some cupcakes.  Which brings us completely full circle, as Chloe's was the first birthday that we celebrated way back during rehearsals (also with cupcakes).

All in All - a very relaxing and fun city stop!