Saturday, January 18, 2014

1/16/2014-1/18/2014: Norfolk, VA

I'm also not a stranger to the Norfolk area.  Thomas and Friends Live had their tech rehearsals in Portsmouth (which is just over the river) and then came back to play Norfolk a few weeks later.  Curious George also played here way back when.  Its a nice town with a lot of monuments and things dedicated to General McArthur - who must have lived here.  

First day here, Mark and Betsy and I headed out to breakfast at The Brickyard Diner - a very quaint little place right next to our hotel.  They had a really nice breakfast though and we were sad to find out that they weren't open on the weekends so we'd have to find a new place to go on Saturday.  After that, I walked around the mall for a bit - with some success…I found a really nice hoodie sweatshirt (my favs) at American Eagle's clearance rack and picked up some facial wash/makeup remover from Lush.  That one turned out to be the best find - as it takes off all the show makeup without drying my skin at all - which has been a big problem lately as the weather gets colder and the air drier. 

Second day we had a double, so I was really only out and about for breakfast. We went to this other diner a little further down the road called D'Egg Diner.  It was ok - but not at all what I was hoping for.  I order their Brisket Eggs Benedict - which sounded absolutely awesome.  But the brisket itself was dry and the eggs were cooked to the point of hard boiled instead of poached like they should have been.  Even the OJ I ordered seemed watered down and hardly tasted like orange.  Not Good.  In fact the only good thing about breakfast was that we were joined by Julie - our former tour tutor.  She was in town visiting her sister and thought she'd come see the show and hang for a bit.

The shows were good - but that double was hard.  It seemed like we hadn't done one in ages, even though our last one was last week…

We did get a little game night in though - so that was fun.  Played some Agricola and Bunnies with the gang.  Oh how I love spreading the love of killing rabbits to my casts.

Tomorrow should be interesting though - we're headed to Charleston, WV - where they're having all the problems with their water supply… we'll see how that goes...