Sunday, January 26, 2014

1/26/2014: Grand Rapids, MI

Hoo Boy - we've had some crazy travel days on the bus lately - and some crazier ones coming up…

Today we drove into a Matinee (always fun) in Grand Rapids, MI.  We arrived to a catered lunch - which was very nice actually.  I always enjoy when the theaters cater us - its usually something good.  This time, there was a really good ship scampi pasta - loved it.

The show itself went well - and we were out of there before we knew it…We had some of the same locals from when we were in Kalamazoo last October - so that was fun to see some familiar faces.

After the show - it was back on the bus and another 5 (almost 6) hour drive to get a head start on the travel to WI tomorrow.  Weather was bad so the going was pretty slow.  But we finally made it Rosemont, IL - where we crashed at an Aloft for the night.  I love those hotels.  I gotta say, you really get a better night sleep if your surroundings are comforting as well as comfortable - and Alofts just do that for me.

On a side note - I've been watching Dexter on our travels.  I've never actually seen any of the episodes before and I am loving it so far.  Almost through Season 1 and can't believe that I've never tuned in before…OK - long day tomorrow too, so I'm out...