Monday, November 11, 2013

11/10/13-11/11/13: Baton Rouge, LA

Finally a day off....well, mostly-kind-of.  We spent 85% of it on the bus driving from IL to LA (lol).  But on the offside - we didn't' have to go into work today.  On the other hand, I was bored out of my mind most of the evening trying to figure out something to do - since I missed out on going to the local club with some of the other cast members, who then went off to NOLA for the evening.  Not bitter or anything...(lol)

But our day 2 in Baton Rouge was nice at least.  I took a walk around the little highway area we were staying in and did some shopping for our Secret Moses.  This year, since the show will be on hiatus during the Christmas weeks - and since Chanukah falls on Thanksgiving, we decided to have Secret Moses instead of Secret Santa - same deal...except instead of using non-playing 'elves', we send out non-playing MacAbees.  I also picked up some decorations for my bus window - so I can be in the spirit cross country :)

Our show went very well - the audience was just superb - makes doing this kind of thing that much better and easier when we have houses like that.  

Afterwards, in lieu of dinner, I walked over to the local Daiquiri bar and picked up a hugemongous Hurricane to take back to my room and drink while watching Friends reruns.  Thats one of the perks of LA - a little tape over the straw makes it a 'closed container' in the eyes of the law. LOL.

Well - tomorrow we head down to FL - not quite my hometown area - we'll be in the Panhandle - but still pretty close.  Will be nice to see a palm tree again ;)