Thursday, November 14, 2013

11/13/13: Panama City, FL

Here we are in Panama City - out last day in FL for a long while - and its freezing cold.  Though I kept trying to tell people that the panhandle isn't like REAL FL when it comes to weather at least.  I saw a post on Facebook from my mother this morning (who is in Tampa) who was complaining about the freezing 60 degree weather.  Now that's the FL I know in the fall....

Anyway - My time in Panama City was comprised of a much needed walk to Target.  A few weeks back I had bought a new camera at a lunch stop (at a Target) because I thought I had (woefully) lost mine.  Of course I found it 2 days later - but by then i had fallen in love with the new better (at the time on sale) camera - and decided to keep both.  Then - of course - 3 days later it stops working (sigh).   I knew I shouldn't have bought it at a Target as we are NEVER by a Target but ALWAYS by a Walmart - but I did.  So I've been waiting every stop/city to see if we'd be near enough to one so I could return it/exchange it before my time ran out.  And finally today it happened!  Hurrah!  AND they had it in stock! Double Hurrah!

So sadly - I can't tell you much about Panama City, save for the helpful people at the Target by our hotel...

Next we are off for our last one nighter (this week) in Valdosta, GA - where the fun will come from Mark (my roommate) having his husband come to visit so A) he gets to see him and B) I get my own room for the night - so Bonus!