Sunday, November 3, 2013

10/29/13 - 11/3/13: Wilmington, DE

Halloween has come and gone.  It being my favorite holiday, thats always a sad thing.  But at least we had a good season for it. I finished my Halloween movies (hurrah!) and we even had a little Halloween party after our show.

Show-wise, the crowds in Wilmington were a lot of fun.  The theatre itself was great. We were at the DuPont Theatre - formerly known as the historic Playhouse Theatre.  And there really was something about playing there that gave you a sense of the history of the place.  One thing that we weren't expecting though, was our first cast member to leave the show.  Katie - who plays the Saloon Girl (Ruby Addams) ancestor has decided to move on to other shows, and since we had a whole week in one place - Phoenix brought out Maggie to learn the show.  It was really quite amazing watching her go through the process. She literally learned 80% of the show in 2 days and was performing full out by the weekend.  Every show we added her into another number or sequence.  It took us about 2 1/2 weeks to fully learn the show - so I know that she was taking on a major undertaking.  But watching her, you wouldn't know that she hadn't been with us all 250 something shows.  All my best wishes go with Katie on her journey - and all a bright welcome goes out to Maggie.  This being my 5th tour though, I know that once the 'seal cracks' there usually aren't others too far behind who decide to move on.  I'm definitely in for the long haul - but it will be interesting in the coming months to see how things play out.

Wilmington itself had a few fun places to check out - some great food over at the Washington Street Alehouse (with some great prices too).  And we got a chance to see a collection of Christopher Durang, my favorite absurdist playwright, shorts in the last night of the Wilmington Fringe Festival.  Kinda cool - I love a well done Durang piece, and they handled themselves very nicely.  

With this week coming to an end, we start a series of One Nighters mostly for the next two weeks - but our actual schedule isn't all that bad this coming week - only 5 shows and no doubles.  So that will be a nice way to ease into them.