Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11/12/13: Niceville, FL

Happy 11/12/13!! There will only be one more of these in my lifetime (next year on 12/13/14) - so that's pretty cool.

Anyway - We got up today and drove down to FL!!  Whoo Hoo - feels nice to be back in my 'home' state - and in shorts.  Though it did get cold as the evening went one.

Again - one nighter so we didn't get to see much of the actual town but our hotel was nice - lots of room and they had a "Manager's Social" in the evening with Pizza and sodas (and wine and beer which we couldn't partake in because of the show - but it was still very nice).  The show was also really fun here - a nice college crowd - very enthused.

After the show, Dan and Bryan and I settled into a game of Level 7.  Its a Scifi/Horror game where your characters wake up in this facility 7 levels underground that is run by Aliens doing experiments on humans with help from the US government.  During your escape the Aliens go crazy and the soldiers running the facility become engaged not only with stopping you but destroying them as well. We had played through all of the Scenarios last leg of the tour, so on the break I bought the newly released expansion set - which plays as if you didn't escape before the facility was locked down and so you have to try to find another way out.  The first level was awesome -they've added a lot of cool mechanics to it and ramped up the adrenaline factor.  Took us 3 1/2 hours to play but it was successful just by the skin of (one of our) teeth... Awesome night.

Best part about tomorrow is our ride is only 60 miles to Panama City - so whoo hop!  I'll have time to stop in Target and exchange out this camera I bought a few weeks ago that stopped working 4 days in...