Saturday, November 9, 2013

11/8/2013: Henderson, KY

Whew ya'll.  That was a LONG travel day.  Mostly because I couldn't get to sleep on the bus for the life of me.  So instead of sleeping til it was almost lunch - I was up the whole time. OY!  And I saw a stretch of fields and houses covered in snow.  I might have been the only one that saw that since I think everyone else was asleep - so I hope I didn't hallucinate it.  We also hit some crazy traffic and ended up about an hour late to our lunch stop.

Our lunch stop - btw - was in Bloomington, IN!  Love that place - spent 2 weeks there with Grinch last year.  They are such a beautiful and fun little college town -with SO many food options.  I decided to go to my favorite Indian place there - Taste of India.  An amazing buffet for like $9.  So good.  Was nice to be back and know where I was going for once (lol).

The ride continued on to Evansville, IN - where we were staying but included a time change.  So we gained an hour - which was great until I realized that it meant that our 8PM show was going to feel like it actually started at 9PM - and I'd been up since 6AM.  Plus, we were actually playing in Henderson, KY - which was like a 25/30 min ride away. Rough.

The show itself went smoothly - the crowds in this part of the country are interesting.  They are usually quiet(isn) throughout the show and then go crazy at then and - and true to form... By curtain call they were definitely having a great time.  It was a pretty fun show from our side too.

AND the best part is that we're only a 2 hour drive to our next stop - so we don't even leave til noon tomorrow! So happy for that.  The interesting part will be the next show - the theatre doesn't have a fly system - so we won't be using 98% of our set...We'll see how that goes (lol)