Saturday, November 23, 2013

11/22/2013-11/23/2013: Cheyenne, WY

We've had some long travel days - and there are some longer ones on the way…

We made it over to Cheyenne last night after a long long trek.  No show that night luckily.  A bunch of us took advantage of the evening off and headed over to the local movie theatre to catch the opening of the newest Hunger Games movie: Catching Fire.  The taxi service was a little slow - but hey we're in Cheyenne…I'm glad there was taxi service at night.

The movie was great.  I loved the book series and book two was my favorite of the 3.  I thought they did an awesome job of adapting it and thought they made some really good casting choices for the Tributes from the past. All in all a great night.

I think the coolest part of Cheyenne was our hotel.  Not necessarily the hotel itself as it was very old and only somewhat kept up.  BUT it was haunted.  Apparently back in the 1890s there was a young newly married couple that checked in for their honeymoon.  While they were there, the husband started messing around with a local prostitute.  The wife found them in bed together and shot them both then went to her honeymoon suite and shot herself.  Since then, there have been sightings of all there - and they say you can hear the bride crying at night outside her honeymoon suite.  The cool part is that the woman's name was Rosie - and OUR ghostly bride in the show had adopted the name Rose way back in rehearsals.  It was like we were paying homage to her or something.  Very cool - even if she didn't really show herself while we were there….

Cheyenne itself (at least downtown) seemed like a ghost town to me.  I didn't' see many people walking around the whole time I was there - but they defiantly came to the show in droves.  The town itself was charming - just what you'd think an old west town of today would look like - including huge Cowboy boots in their town square park.   But now we're off to CO - and boy oh boy am I concerned about the elevation of our next few places.  I remember when I came this way with Gilligan's Island that I had a hard time with it before.  Wish me luck!